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How Our Practice Works

Welcome! How Our Practice Works is a seven-week series of videos explaining how we at Health 4 Life Chiropractic work and how we view Health.

How Our Practice Works 1

Welcome to the first part of a 12-week series on How Our Practice Works! These videos will explore how we operate at Health 4 Life, what our "DNA" is. Join Dr. Mat Finley as he explains why Chiropractic is different from Medicine.

How Our Practice Works 2

In the second part of our 12-week series Dr. Mat Finley talks about our belief that "health comes from the inside out, not inside in," and how our bodies have the amazing ability to heal.

How Our Practice Works 3

Yes, we at Health 4 Life believe that Health, Ease, and Well-being are Normal! How is it possible to be able to "function properly" even as we age? Join Dr. Mat Finley as he explains the importance of taking care of our nervous system and its role on our everyday well-being!

How Our Practice Works 4

Our brain, spinal chord, and nerves control our whole body. Join Dr. Mat Finley as he illustrates how signals travel along our nervous system and what their role is in a healthy body.

How Our Practice Works 5

Stress, stress, stress... and stress. What does stress mean? And how can different types of stress overload our nervous systems? What is a spinal subluxation? Join Dr. Mat Finely in the fifth part of our series as he answers these questions.

How Our Practice Works 6

Today, Dr. Mat Finely describes what to expect when you first visit our office. The first step is a thorough chiropractic examination followed by any necessary X-rays. During your second visit we discuss with you our findings to help you make sound decisions about how to reach your health-goals.

How Our Practice Works 7

"A series of adjustments are usually necessary." What does that mean, and what are the benefits of a series of adjustments? In the seventh part of our series Dr. Mat Finley answers these questions and explains the notion of "muscle-memory."