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Set Your Child Up for Whole-Body Health

Girl and momOne of our biggest joys is having a parent trust us to facilitate healing by giving a child’s first adjustment. We never take your kids’ wellness lightly. Our pediatric care focuses on restoring your child’s ability to function the way God intended, helping whole families thrive.

Correcting Traumas Before They Add Up

We care for anybody, from a 1-day-old baby to teens. Research shows that a child experiences up to 5,000 traumas before age five. The falls and bruises from learning to crawl, walk, and run add up if left unaddressed.

Illness isn’t a normal state for children. Our regular patients have the healthiest kids in our area, because their strong nervous systems combat sickness quickly.

We use light-force, effective techniques like the Activator Method® or Arthrostim for kids. Our office has a wide range of different modalities we use – and laser therapy or X-rays could be used, but often times are not needed on Children.

We’ve helped kids with constipation, indigestion, sleep issues, ear infection, torticollis, and more. Our chiropractors also help detect and correct scoliosis early, before it’s a problem. During your child’s appointment, we’ll educate parents on stretches and simple life adjustments you can make at home to keep your child in optimal wellness.

Changing Kids’ and Parents’ Lives

One 2-week-old came into our office with severe reflux and difficulty latching on one side. She hadn’t slept for more than 10 minutes. Her pediatrician had diagnosed her with colic and recommended turning to medication and formula, as she and her mother lost the joy and connection of nursing.

We found a key subluxation in her upper neck and gave an adjustment. Immediately, the baby stopped crying and turned her head for the first time. That night, she slept six hours!

When kids are acting out or not at ease, an irritated nervous system is often to blame. Our care has also helped children with Down syndrome, ADD, and ADHD improve their behavior, as their nervous systems no longer put them in constant stress.

Let Us Invest in Your Family’s Wellness

We offer corrective and wellness care family plans to make pediatric care feasible for everyone. Contact our team today so we can start walking your kids toward wellness.


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